Jump Cube, Jump

Category: Fast game    Size: 7M

Avoid enemies, objects and walls, collect coins and power-ups, reach the longest distance and biggest level. Chalenge yourself, beat the others.

You have two buttons:

- left button - you'll enable god mode, that means that you can walk through walls and the special platforms will not activate (but you can't also collect coins and power-ups in this mode)

- right button you jumped to the height (hold longer -> jump higher) and you can do double-jump (be patient with touching)

  • Coin colors
  • New level
  • Increased speed
  • Two game mods
  • Google Play Games support
  • Great game music
Enjoy, have a fun and bye.

Get it on Google Play   or   Direct download


 How to connect Google Play Games with the game?

 In the menu click on the icon CONNECT GAMES and enjoy all challenges to achieve new levels.

 I don't like that annoying advertisement. How to disable them?

 Simple. Buy In-App purchase in the menu (small NO ADS & UNLOCK LEVELS button in the corner), it doesn't cost even one cup of .

About me

Tiny ghost is alter-ego for one slovak developer of Android apps and games. Idea, graphics, coding, testing, marketing and fixing bugs is all on my shoulders.

Developing since 2012. Have a nice day :)


Ján Turský
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